iOS Development with Swift 2021


iOS Development with Swift 2021

1. Even Odd   20, Apr, 2021

A simple program to find out whether the given input is even or odd.

Introduction to:

  • View Controller Life Cycle
  • Programmatic UI
  • Navigation Controller
  • Event Handling
  • Passing data between View Controllers
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Rohit Gaur
Starter code for the Flash Chat project in the Complete iOS Development Bootcamp

Flash-Chat Our Goal One of the most fundamental component of modern iOS apps is the Table View. Table Views are used everywhere from the Mail app to t

The App Brewery 34 Oct 21, 2021
Messenger Clone - Real-time iOS Chat with Firebase Firestore written in Swift

Real time Swift iOS Chat with Firebase - Messenger Clone This is an extremely simple chat app source code of an iOS Swift Chat app. It leverages Messa

Instamobile 488 Nov 18, 2021
Legacy mobile Rocket.Chat client in Swift for iOS

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST Rocket.Chat mobile is moving to React Native. Development on this repository by Rocket.Chat has now ceased. If your

Rocket.Chat 1k Nov 12, 2021
A native iOS video chat app based on WebRTC

AppRTC - iOS implementation of the Google WebRTC Demo About This Xcode project is a native wrapper for the Google's WebRTC Demo. It organizes the WebR

ISBX 1.3k Nov 11, 2021
Bluetooth LE Mesh Chat for iOS and Android

BLEMeshChat Bluetooth LE mesh chat prototype for iOS. Android version over here. Goals Use the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy APIs on iOS and Android to all

Chris Ballinger 470 Nov 8, 2021
ChatSecure is a free and open source encrypted chat client for iOS that supports OTR and OMEMO encryption over XMPP.

ChatSecure ChatSecure is a free and open source XMPP messaging client for iOS that integrates OTR and OMEMO encrypted messaging support, and has optio

ChatSecure 3k Nov 22, 2021
Colloquy is an advanced IRC, SILC & ICB client for macOS and iOS!

Colloquy Dependencies This repository uses git submodules for some of its dependencies, so you will have to check those out as well. You can do this f

Colloquy 150 Nov 7, 2021
Email-based instant messaging for iOS.

deltachat-ios Email-based instant messaging for iOS. Testing Betas are distributed via Testflight. Just scan this QR code with the camera app of your

Delta Chat 208 Nov 25, 2021
A glossy Matrix collaboration client for iOS

Element iOS Element iOS is an iOS Matrix client provided by Element. It is based on MatrixKit and MatrixSDK. Beta testing You can try last beta build

Element (formerly New Vector) 1.1k Nov 26, 2021
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Falcon Messenger is a Fast and Beautiful cloud-based messaging app. With iOS and IPadOS Support. Available on the App Store.

Open the FalconMessenger.xcworkspace in Xcode. Change the Bundle Identifier to match your domain. Go to Firebase and create new project. Select "Add F

null 358 Nov 2, 2021
IRCCloud iOS App

The official iOS app for Chat on IRC from anywhere, and never miss a message. All your chats and logs are stored in the cloud. Access the

IRCCloud Ltd. 252 Nov 23, 2021
Next generation iOS and Android apps for Mattermost in React Native

Mattermost Mobile Minimum Server versions: Current ESR version (5.25) Supported iOS versions: 11+ Supported Android versions: 7.0+ Mattermost is an op

Mattermost 1.5k Nov 27, 2021
iOS - Real-time messaging app 🎨

General mChat is a real-time messaging app written in Swift for iOS devices. Since mChat uses a fast and reliable Firebase Database, it receives data

Vitaliy Paliy 533 Nov 18, 2021
Open source, native iOS Messenger, with realtime chat conversations (full offline support).

OVERVIEW This is a native iOS Messenger app, with realtime chat conversations (full offline support). .. .. NEW FEATURES GraphQL server support Auth0

Related Code 4.3k Nov 26, 2021
Free XMPP client for iOS and macOS

Monal A cross platform, modern XMPP client for iOS and MacOS This is the Monal XMPP client as found in the app store. If you want to use the latest st

Monal 330 Nov 19, 2021
Mumble client for iOS-based devices

Mumble for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) Note: This repo is unmaintained (last update in September 2017). If you are interested in taking over dev

Mumble 179 Nov 14, 2021
A private messenger for iOS.

Signal iOS Signal is a free, open source, messaging app for simple private communication with friends. Also available on Android and Desktop. Question

Signal 8.8k Nov 12, 2021
Spika is universal chat module with backend, web, ios and Android client.

Spika Spika is messenger module for Web/iOS/Android with backend. You can include messenger feature to your app or service with minimum code. For deta

Clover Studio 609 Nov 8, 2021
ios surespot client

surespot-ios ios surespot client surespot is a mobile messaging application that secures all messages using end-to-end encryption. Contribute surespot

surespot 68 Aug 7, 2021