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Team Kodi 13.1k Nov 18, 2021
Start your next Open-Source Swift Framework 📦

SwiftKit enables you to easily generate a cross platform Swift Framework from your command line. It is the best way to start your next Open-Source Swi

Sven Tiigi 809 Nov 13, 2021
📱 Nextcloud iOS app

Nextcloud iOS app Check out https://nextcloud.com and follow us on twitter.com/nextclouders or twitter.com/NextcloudiOS How to contribute If you want

Nextcloud 1.1k Nov 26, 2021
Our new iOS portfolio app for WWDCScholars

WWDCScholars iOS App WWDCScholars is a community of Apple WWDC Scholarship winners. Every year bright minds from all around the world compete against

WWDCScholars 61 Sep 21, 2021
📱The official Wikipedia iOS app.

Wikipedia iOS The official Wikipedia iOS app. License: MIT License Source repo: https://github.com/wikimedia/wikipedia-ios Planning (bugs & features):

Wikimedia 2.4k Nov 11, 2021
Turn your Swift data model into a working CRUD app.

Model2App is a simple library that lets you quickly generate a CRUD iOS app based on just a data model defined in Swift. (CRUD - Create Read Update De

Q Mobile 119 Nov 6, 2021
Add “Launch at Login” functionality to your macOS app in seconds

LaunchAtLogin Add “Launch at Login” functionality to your macOS app in seconds It's usually quite a convoluted and error-prone process to add this. No

Sindre Sorhus 993 Nov 15, 2021
A Attendance Taking app to assist the SST Fearless Falcons (Assistant) Patrol Leaders in taking attendance for their own patrols.

Scouts Attendance A Attendance Taking app to assist the SST Fearless Falcons (Assistant) Patrol Leaders in taking attendance for their own patrols. Do

Ethan Chew 3 May 17, 2021
India Vaccine Availability Tracker - MacOS 'Big Sur' Menubar App

VaccineAvailability is a vaccine tracker MacOS Big Sur Menu bar app to track vaccine availability across India by using pincodes a

Sriram Narasimhan 8 Jun 30, 2021
A better way to handle gestures on iOS

Tactile is a safer and more idiomatic way to respond to gestures and control events. It lets you catch bugs at compile time and write more expressive

Damien 711 Nov 16, 2021
String (and more) validation for iOS

Swift Validators ?? String validation for iOS. Contents Installation Walkthrough Usage Available validators License ReactiveSwift + SwiftValidators Wa

George Kaimakas 233 Oct 27, 2021
CODING iOS 客户端源代码

Coding_iOS客户端项目介绍 编译环境:Xcode-Version 8.0 (8A218a) 让项目跑起来先 项目里用到了 CocoaPods 和 Carthage,如果没有安装的话,需要先自行安装。 Clone 代码后,初次执行前,需要双击运行根目录下的bootstrap脚本。这个过程涉及到

CODING 3.8k Nov 25, 2021
DuckDuckGo iOS Application

DuckDuckGo iOS We are excited to engage the community in development! We are hiring! DuckDuckGo is growing fast and we continue to expand our fully di

DuckDuckGo 1.2k Nov 23, 2021
Firefox for iOS

Firefox for iOS Download on the App Store. This branch (main) This branch works with Xcode 12.4, Swift 5.3 and supports iOS 12.4 and above. Please not

Mozilla Mobile 10.6k Nov 26, 2021
Legacy Ghostery Browser for iOS

DEPRECATED - Ghostery for iOS version 2.x This project is no longer active. Please see our current iOS browser project for Ghostery iOS v3+. Ghostery

Ghostery 15 Oct 28, 2021
Kickstarter for iOS. Bring new ideas to life, anywhere.

Welcome to Kickstarter’s open source iOS app! Come on in, take your shoes off, stay a while—explore how Kickstarter’s native squad has built and conti

Kickstarter 7.8k Nov 21, 2021
📱😀 Video & audio calls through Nextcloud on iOS

Nextcloud Talk iOS app Video & audio calls and chat through Nextcloud on iOS Nextcloud Talk is a fully on-premises audio/video and chat communication

Nextcloud 92 Nov 26, 2021
Simplenote for iOS

Simplenote for iOS A Simplenote client for iOS. Learn more about Simplenote at Simplenote.com. Build Instructions Download Xcode At the moment Simplen

Automattic 1.8k Nov 12, 2021
📱 Wire for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Wire™ This repository is part of the source code of Wire. You can find more information at wire.com or by contacting [email protected] You can find

Wire Swiss GmbH 3.1k Nov 19, 2021