Integrate docker into swift command line.



Integrate docker into swift command line.

Basic Usage

Build a Swift project in docker

swift docker build

Test a Swift project

swift docker test

Run a Swift project

swift docker run

Choose the version of Swift you want to build/test with

swift docker test -i swift:5.2


Currently the easiest way to install swift-docker is via mint. Once you have mint installed you can install as follows

mint install adam-fowler/swift-docker

Command line options

Option Description
-i/--image Select swift image to use
-n/--no-slim swift-docker will automatically use a slim version of a docker image. This option disables this.
-o/--output Instead of running docker just output Dockerfile
-t/--tag Tag docker output with tag
-c/--configuration Set build configuration (debug or release)
--product Set product to build
--target Set target to build
-e/-env Set environment variable when running docker image
-p/-publish Publish port when running docker image

By adding a -- everything else after that in the command line will be added as an option to the swift test/build command in the docker file.

swift docker test --  --sanitize=thread

Dockerfile Template

It is not possible to create a Dockerfile template that supports all projects. Because of this there is an option to edit the template file used to create the Dockerfile. The following will save a local copy of the template file and open it up into a text editor for you to edit.

swift docker edit
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Used to make video games, can't be arsed anymore
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